The comments below are taken from end-course critiques and emails received from MosaicHydro clients:

"I took Mosaic Hydro's Multibeam Sonar Operators course in Mar 2008. Mike put on an excellent course. His expertise in the field is outstanding and the OEM personnel he brought in for the course were equally knowledgeable. The classroom and boat training were well thought out and well presented. The course material was relevant and great value for the money."

“Thank you mike for an informative and well run course.”

“This is an excellent course from which all new [company] employees would benefit greatly. Mike answered virtually dozens of questions regarding MBES and SSS acquisition and processing, many of which will pertain directly to this year’s coming jobs. Overall an excellent job and I look forward to attending more of Mike’s courses.”

“This course was my first experience with Hydro[graphic] Surveying. Couldn’t have had a better instructor to teach from bare bones to complex issues of industry. Was nervous that I would be overwhelmed with information pertaining to course but found out first day with Mike that asking any question would be treated equally no matter who asked it or their experience. Would love to take more training through Mike."

“I feel that this course was extremely valuable as a Land Surveyor attempting Hydrographic surveying for the first time.”

“Very impressed with the instructor’s knowledge, especially when asked a variety of questions. Very well presented. For once the PowerPoint presentations did not fell like ‘death by Powerpoint’. The at sea portion was excellent; it really reinforced all classroom lessons.”

“EXCELLENT. Very informative. Leaned a lot. Thanks!!”

“Overall, this was one of the best and informative lectures I have been to. Mike is a very a personable guy, easy and patient with the “newbies” and kept a nice balance between keeping individuals with little or no experience up to speed answering the of the more experienced users. All in all this was a good use of time and money.”

“I have become more confident in my own abilities to collect and process MBES and SSS data. By far this is the most informative class I have ever attended.”

“Thank you for the excellent training you provided, we put our knowledge to the test with Fledermaus etc. today and had great results.”

“Mike B. did a wonderful job; a testament to my suggestion that teaching these 'formal' courses should be left to professional instructors. This is not a job [our] staff should be doing "on the side", especially if the course is for certification or is a requirement for professional development. Mike is a great teacher.”

“A complicated subject made simple with good notes and explanations. Mike really knew his stuff, and was clear about what he wanted us to learn, and communicated it well.”