Welcome to the MosaicHydro Pro-Notes page where we present lessons-learned from both the field and the processing lab. These notes are meant to assist surveyors in all aspects of the job from MOB, to surveying, to post-processing.

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Pronote Description
Pro-Note 2012-01 SIM-to-PC Ethernet Connection  Avoid severe data latency/arrival issues by treating your Ethernet connection as if it were a serial connection
Pro-Note 2012-02 R2 Snippet Freeze  R2Sonic or PC freezes when snippets turned on due to incorrect PC-SIM network settings
Pro-Note 2012-03 USB-LAN Connector  USB-to-LAN Adapter for Use on Multibeam Laptops
Pro-Note 20112-04  The Importance of Centrimetric Positioning for Calibration: Why DGPS is no longer “good enough” for high resolution multibeam echosounder surveys in depths less than 100m.
Pro-note 2012-005 Dual Head Patch Test Diagrams  Easy to understand Dual-Head Sonar Patch Test diagrams/instructions
Pro-note 2013-01 POS MV Installation Essentials  This Pro-Note attempts to highlight the essential, and sometimes overlooked, considerations in installing and using a POS system